LDAP + Kerberos + AFS = <3<3<3

So. I gotta say. I LOVE LDAP. I LOVE KERBEROS. I LOVE AFS. Especially all three combined. And especially when the configured server for all three services is unreachable. That’s the result of installing Ubuntu on the new network-services nodes (ns0 and ns1) using the pre-configured Ubuntu-install via PXE (which results in AFS, LDAP and Kerberos being installed & configured), and then put it into a completely new and seperate network. (-:

I had to use an external display with a USB-keyboard to get all the old crap removed, Both ns0 and ns1 is now free of LDAP, Kerberos and AFS — or, at least, at first glance. I haven’t uninstalled OpenAFS and things like that, but they have all been disabled.

I did a preliminary test of DHCP and DNS, and they all seem to be working just fine — even redundancy is in place for both. So, the next step is to install the new gateways, which we’ll start on tomorrow. Over the weekend, I’ll have to finish the DNS/DHCP-config by adding missing nodes, etc.

Oh, I also noticed that I’ve done yet another miscalculation regarding the new IP-layout; I haven’t figured out what to do regarding Infiniband for the infrastructure-machines; I guess I can’t route between two subnets, so I guess they’ll both have to be on the same; if we’re then adding nodes from the DEV-culster, they’ll also need to access the infrastructure-machines, I guess. Oh, well. I’ll have to come up with a fix — hopefully I don’t have to change any of the already configured stuff.